jeudi 22 avril 2010

La Garconne

1. To be effortlessly stylish - it is not about what you wear, but the attitude, talent, charisma that makes what you are wearing extra special.
2. In fact, who would not want to wander in busy streets to shop for some scallop trimmed shorts, trench coat, paired with ballerina flats, straw boater and a striped or lace or linen shirt? Sometimes I easily get overwhelmed by material desires; but when I reside in silence again, nothing indeed satisfies me more than a priceless moment; a good book, nice company, a warm cup of tea, a cat curling in my lap, and cherry blossoms and trees and the smell of toasted marshmallow suffusing the air; then I become une garçonne once all my senses are alive, and enjoying life in its rawness and fullness again.

1 commentaire:

SY a dit…

Well said! =)

Which is why I will be rocking my old jeans no matter how people fashion police me...