samedi 26 juin 2010


'The thing we most desire dances forever before our eyes, yet forever beyond our grasp.'

mercredi 23 juin 2010

Dear Kate,

I vow to come to see your retrospective exhibition at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris next spring.

mardi 22 juin 2010

Girl of my dreams VII

When she plays, the piano melts away.

Martha Argerich.

vendredi 18 juin 2010

Philo, Philo

image from here;

The first issue of Gentlewoman = ♥

mercredi 16 juin 2010


US Vogue 2005, Hot Town, Gemma Ward, photographed by Mario Testino.
For the complete editorial see here.

Classical music may be old-fashioned, but is never out of style.

mardi 15 juin 2010

Girl of my Dreams VI

Marc Jacobs' Muse, and also one of the brightest directors and script writers of our times; from Virgins Suicide, Marie Antoinette to Lost in Translation, Sofia Coppola transformed her films into an aesthetic feast and deep rumination on urban tales and fantasies.

Here is an NY Times article on Sofia Coppola's Paris, and her flickr photo pool.

samedi 5 juin 2010


1. above is my new acquisition:)
2. since exams finished i travelled, took photographs, visited numerous galleries, ate around town, walked and read. the more i go out and experience different things - the less eager i readily write about these wonderful encounters.
3. i guess the reason behind is that i would need to time to settle down, let memories and thoughts sink in, and perhaps then i will write?

mardi 1 juin 2010


From my flickr favourites it is obvious that i like curious animals, big flowers, pastel colours (at times) and light leak.

Drawing similarities;

*miu miu ss 2010 collection & henry matisse's cut outs (gouaches découpés)

Vast in scale (though not always in size), lush and rigorous in color, his cutouts are among the most admired and influential works of Matisse's entire career. They belong with the grandest affirmations of the élan vital in Western art... for a great introduction to Matisse's cut outs see here.

He is one of the greatest artists of our times.