mercredi 16 juin 2010


US Vogue 2005, Hot Town, Gemma Ward, photographed by Mario Testino.
For the complete editorial see here.

Classical music may be old-fashioned, but is never out of style.

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Anonyme a dit…

No way Gemma Ward would have been able to play a cello in that dress, but she looks gorgeous any way!


Fleurette a dit…

Oh, I love this editorial, thanks for sharing.
Some people call me old-fashioned because I have always loved classical music, but some call me mature or a cultural elitist. Haha.

I'm currently listening to Tchaikovsky's serenade for strings. One of my favorite works by Tchaikovsky!

Fleurette a dit…

Ups, I may have used the word "cultural elitist" wrong as it has a different meaning in Norwegian. Oh well..

K. a dit…

Hehe. Pas de probleme! Luckily a lot of friends and I are classical musicians so we share quite similar taste in music - and enjoy blasting Rachmininov's piano concertos while cooking.

Gemma Ward looks pretty convincing on the cello though!

Fleurette a dit…

Alas I heard Celine Dion's 'All by myself' before I heard Rachmaninoff's piano concerto, and I really hated that Celine Dion song, hence I can't make myself like the on piano concerto by Rachmaninoff although he's my favorite composer (I played 4 of his preludes and at the moment I'm rehearsing Polichinelle!). Hhaha