lundi 17 mai 2010

Sweet as Candy Floss

Finished the first/toughest exam, still one week to go until freedom! Last week in the midst of heated revision, my flatmate told me that topshop was going free delivery in UK inland, so I quickly logged in, and ordered one of these lovely felt-pen eyeliners from the new Topshop Makeup collection. The beauty arrived the very next day morning, and it is just so smooth, easy to use. Now I can finally do that flick without smudging or getting it all over my face.

Hmm, perhaps I can write with it too...

2 commentaires:

Every Little Counts a dit…

ooh, i kinda want everything! love the polka dot packaging.

SY a dit…

The colours look so beautiful! I need to learn the art of using these things from you m'dear... am such a complete noob :P

I can't wait till Monday is over... whee!