mardi 9 août 2011

In flames

Londres, le parlement, by Claude Monet

Riots are about power, and they are about catharsis. They are not about poor parenting, or youth services being cut, or any of the other snap explanations that media pundits have been trotting out: structural inequalities, as a friend of mine remarked today, are not solved by a few pool tables. People riot because it makes them feel powerful, even if only for a night. People riot because they have spent their whole lives being told that they are good for nothing, and they realise that together they can do anything – literally, anything at all.

- Laurie Penny, whose full article can be viewed here

While acknowledging the underpinning injustice and discrimination in the society, I regret to say that such vengeance, such violence cannot be a solution to the problems, nor a justification for any of the grave crimes that have been committed in London and other cities. The rioters and looters are ruthlessly destroying other people's lives, oppressing people who are even more powerless that themselves and shaming the name of wherever they come from. They are symbols of decadence, not of humanity, but of their very own selves.

I am truly, very sad and worried about London.

I hope that everyone in London will stay safe. And amidst the chaos, true justice for all people will be served.

9 commentaires:

Anne a dit…

I live in Santiago, Chile, and I am feeling the same way after having students on strike for almost two months.

dianne @ icefloe a dit…

What a beautiful choice of painting to pair with this weeks events. Love it. x

Galit a dit…

I read the full article of Laurie Penny this morning and I feel exactly like you.
I understand the frustration and ongoing depression but to be honest, I'm not sure if most of the looters have that in mind. This can't make anything better.

I hope your city will get peace soon and the trust will come back to the streets and communities.

lin a dit…

Great article, thanks for sharing. I wish you and London safe times, and for goodness to prevail.

Rebekka Seale a dit…

London has all my prayers right now :)

SY a dit…

Sad times for all of us, no one and nothing is safe nowadays :(

Take care and hopefully things will be much better when we are back! xx

0000 a dit…

Great post, and I wholeheartedly agree!

daintiness a dit…

definitely saw that painting at d'Orsay.

but ah, the news can get frightening sometimes. so glad things cooled off in London.

Adele a dit…

Fabulous post, glad everything is okay now... I live in Birmingham and was the same for me here