dimanche 19 février 2012


*from here, Édouard Boubat, Sans titre, 1972

No need to hurry. No need to sparkle. No need to be anybody but oneself.
- Virginia Woolf

For the longest period of time I have been struggling along - amidst broken promises, heartbreaks and inner turmoil, evoked by an irrevocable wreckage of a relationship that I was so dependent on. Looking back at the past few months, I was actually surprised that I have pulled through a rather difficult winter, thanks to the unwavering support from my friends and family (words fail me - how grateful I really am!) and my own little cocktail of happiness, containing -

*poetry, literature: Philip Larkin, George Orwell and Charles Bukowski were my saviours, for their sharp humour and sobering matter-of-fact tone

*fresh cut flowers, and read An Apple a Day for the most delightful arrangement

*tea with friends: make sure you have lots of tea, and meet up with lots of friends

*long walks, getaways: the pebble paths and starry sky of Cambridge, the quietude of the Heath - all sentimenatlity becomes a fleeting modality in the face of nature

*exercise, the biweekly swim in the middle of the day that makes me feel senior

*radio 3: for live jazz and monotonous book-reading to fall asleep with


Almost a hundred days later, I realise that the best way to heal is not to efface or evade from emotions, but to rise above them, ride on them as if they were waves - and to hold dearly the belief that, in the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.


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Valerie Enríquez a dit…

A broken heart can be difficult to mend. It sounds like you chose lovely things to help you through it! I hope thing continue to be well x

0000 a dit…

I'm so sorry to hear that your winter has been so difficult but I'm glad to hear that you have been able to rise about the difficulties. I wholeheartedly agree that the best way to deal with difficulties is to rise above them and to keep on going!

Chuck a dit…


Buy it as a reminder. Glad you made it through.

K. Gray a dit…

aaa beautiful! I wish it was this easy for me! I'm happy for you, you write so lovely!

lin a dit…

I find it amazing that you somehow stayed so inspired. That's strength for you, and I can learn from that.

Felicia a dit…

I really needed that last paragraph, so thank you. I am glad you are well!

Lindsay K a dit…

What a heart wrenching post. This is beautiful.

I'm sorry to hear that you're going through such a difficult time. Family and friends really give me so much strength- they truly are our pillars.

Oh and Virginia Woolf and George Orwell never hurt either.

Kisses from NYC.

jessica sandoval a dit…

Bookmarking this to know what to practice on those terrible days. I think it's time I finally become an independent woman... and take my first walk by myself (he he). I hope you feel better!

Jessica | Vixenelle

Andrea a dit…

This struck such a chord. The ends of my relationships have always been the time for intense self evaluation and growth. Terrifying, yet necessary. Keep feeling better!

Laura a dit…

When we reach this point of the year, and the darkest months of year is over (i'm from Denmark!), I always wonder how I made it through...
I am so sorry to hear about your troubles. This seems to end up being a loong comment, but here is an Anaïs Nin quote i love for it's beautiful language, and so I will pass it to you;
"What can I do with my happiness? How can I keep it, conceal it, bury it where I may never loose it? I want to kneel as it falls over me like rain, gather it up with lace and silk, and press it over myself again."

maomao a dit…

“She turned to the sunlight
And shook her yellow head,
And whispered to her neighbor:
"Winter is dead.”
― A.A. Milne, When We Were Very Young

roamkix vintage a dit…

Roll on summer... :) xxx

Mel a dit…

I just want to tell you how much I am encouraged by this post of yours. I have just been through a devastating heartbreak myself. Indeed, the best way to heal is not to efface or evade from emotions but to acknowledge them and rise above them.

Thank you so much for the wonderful words with which you've construed this post by!

Have a pleasant day ahead.

lola a dit…

beautiful post! xx

AVY a dit…

I think that is a good idea, denial never leads anywhere.

http:// mymotherfuckedmickjagger.blogspot.com

Anonyme a dit…

Great pics:) I really like your blog..so much nice inspiration. I wish you a lovely weekend.

LOVE Maria at inredningsvis.se

K. a dit…

Thank you, thank you everyone! My gratitude for all your kind thoughts is beyond words. xxx