mardi 11 décembre 2012



... Listening to a lot of Kings of Convenience, while admiring the theatrical effect evoked by the album artwork. Simple images, with a lot of stories to be told.


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SY a dit…

This is scary. I have been listening to them all day whilst feeling sorry for myself! xx

Valerie Enríquez a dit…

One of my favorite bands ever (the reason my cats are named Eirik & Erlend hehe) and they are indeed wonderful to listen to! The covers are gorgeous too x

Alexandra a dit…

One of my favourites. Great for chilled days indoors.

AVY a dit…

That's some good shit.


Christy a dit…

Ah, I love them! Plus, I'm a dance teacher, and I use "I'd Rather Dance" for my young classes all the time.

Lady a dit…

Hey! I love your blog and you inspire me to see a different London.

I only wish you posted more.

Take care,


Velvet a dit…

i love them :)