lundi 17 janvier 2011



Looking at simple things that I cannot live without - usually inside my bag (from left to right):

*my old phone who is now 5 1/2 years old - Who would need a smart phone if all you want to do is call and text occasionally?
*Schedule for 2011
*Body Shop Shea body butter
*a good ball pen (0.38mm) - my handwriting is small!
*and a book on the go. The one I am reading now is written by my favourite neurologist/storyteller Oliver Sacks, given to me on my birthday by bf :)

4 commentaires:

lin a dit…

That's very succinct list. I have to confess, I got into the habit of reading magazines on the go instead of books for a while. And I have never seen the Celine tote in those colours, lovely!

My little submarine. a dit…

Love this post! It just looks exactly like what I have once mentioned in my blog! haha. And omg, is it a celine?:P

iwishihadtaste a dit…

Your schedule book looks adorable. Would you mind IDing it? (I'm a stationary addict, of course I would ask this.)

K. a dit…

That's no problem :) I love stationary tooooo