mardi 25 janvier 2011

Wintry Song; one hundred

Bare silhouettes of trees in January // A cheeky quote from the School of Life // The humble, loyal loafers // Precious winter light, that grayish hue in the crispy cold air // Winter uniform consists of jumper, scarf, cigarette pants and Joseph

In just less than one year, I have come to my 100th post - thank you for staying in tune, dear readers!

If you have a moment, please drop a line in the comments because I never really know who my readers are (you all prefer to stay a bit anonymous? ;)

For February and March I am determined to live the minimalist way of life - no more frivolous purchases or silly, impulsive spendings - instead, I will be busy budgeting, shopping inside own wardrobe and de-cluttering (both in the realm of possessions and thoughts) - because I am saving up for my spring trip to New York!


6 commentaires:

yanqin a dit…

I love winter colours - so sobering. And what a great outfit to spend the day in. That's an interesting watch you have on.

And congrats on your 100th post!

I'm planning a trip to NY too, but in fall, look forward to hearing what you have in mind!

asha a dit…

Wow, The colors in the bag are gorgeous! I haven't seen a Celine like that :)

Alexandra a dit…

LOVE the Celine!

Anonyme a dit…

Your blog is such an inspiration!
May I ask here the loafers are from?

K. a dit…

Thanks for all of your support dear readers!

The loafers are from River Island a season ago.

K. a dit…

Oh they are actually still selling them!