samedi 23 février 2013

In Praise of Mornings

We plan, we toil, we suffer – in the hope of what? A camel load of idols' eyes? The title deeds of Radio City? The empire of Asia? A trip to the moon? No, no, no, no. Simply to wake up just in time to smell coffee and bacon and eggs.
- J. B. Priestley

Why wake up late, when you can get up early - when the sexiest meal of the day is breakfast? In the week days I am so used to waking up early that during weekends, I find myself wide awake no later than 8:30am - Today at nine o'clock I dipped my toes in the local swimming pool with the water still and unrippled, followed by a quick shower, breakfast (of scrambled eggs and assam tea) and a stroll around the empty streets, walking among quiet passages and snow flurries. I tasted idleness at its best, before the city awakes with its quickened breaths and fury and pallor. 

- Slow baby slow, because you can afford to, because you have a whole afternoon and night to look forward to.

//Top five places in London for breakfast/brunch:
  • Lantana - scrambled eggs (I heart eggs) with sourdough bread, accompanied by the Observer
  • Local greasy spoon - full English breakfast (fried bread, roasted tomato drowned in a sea of baked beans, mug-full of tea)
  • The Little Bread Pedlar - stack of toasts and French butter, black Monmouth coffee (bring your own grapefruit)
  • Bistrotheque - fluffy pancakes with blueberry compote and crème fraîche
  • The Delaunay - freshly squeezed juice, eating muesli with a silver spoon - and less busy than its sister restaurant near the Ritz

6 commentaires:

Paprika a dit…

I also wake up early every morning, it is so much better to be able to appreciate the entire day and make the most of the sunxx

K. Gray a dit…

Love this post, very beautifully written and the images are lovely! I'm having breakfast as I read this xx

SY a dit…

Gorgeous as always! I usually only eat breakfast on weekend mornings (prefer a new ritual of bracing shower and wheatgrass juice on weekdays) so it has to be a pleasurable occasion. Oh to have tea again! xx

hannah-rose a dit…

I so wish I had got a taste of lantana. After reading that article aren't you desperate to get the book? I really really want the book now... Because it's true. Hard work and long nights are all made worth it by breakfast.

Right now I'm popping out to get croissants to have with the jam I bought from Paris!!!

Miss having breakfasts with you, fellow morning person :)


Kelli / Fog and Forest a dit…

This is beautifully written. I tend to stay in bed far too long in the mornings, but when I do need to get up early I'm always surprised by how much I enjoy it.

Anonyme a dit…

I love mornings like this.