lundi 11 février 2013

(Not exactly) Secret London

Marylebone /ˈmɑrlɪbən/
where you can find:
 Farmer's Market every sunday morning, market for vintage clothes and accessories in the church courtyard every saturday. Daunt books for books on travelling, La Fromagerie (beautiful cheese boards paired with wine, the Jerusalem of Cheese), the Natural Kitchen, Ginger Pig (for the best cuts), Monocle, Rococo Chocolate.

Feast /fiːst/
where you can have:
the best burgers by Elliot's, boozy winter eton mess (rose and pomegranate yummmm) by meringue girls, rock oysters, steaming pork belly buns, mac&cheese, baroness banana cupcakes - all in the most unconventional spaces.

We went to the winter one in an abandoned postal building in Islington which was an absolutely stunning feasting experience. The next one would be happening on 7-10 March at Tobacco Dock in Wapping. Maybe see you there?


4 commentaires:

Lindsey Elizabeth Pritchard a dit…

Lovely post! I'm in London quite often but have never explored around Marylebone... YET! The first few pictures look like a little street in Paris or something, then the red phone boxes give it away.

Lindsey. x

K. Gray a dit…

Ahhh miss this marvelous city so much. Hope to return very soon... Lovely photos x

Anonyme a dit…

Great post

SY a dit…

Haha my face (more like weird profile view) is now famous on your blog! Will bring you to Stokie soon to explore :) xx