mardi 24 juin 2014

Midsummer murmur

1. How could summer solstice come & go already? I have been watching sunsets every evening, letting the crimson light flood my bedroom -

2. The foliage is dark green, air is thick with fragrant jasmine and quiet white flowers -

3. The wilderness was perfect. Every time I think of those perfect few days spent on the water and under the vast sky - my heart is still. There has been a lot of undercurrents in the face of apparent calm water at present, but all shall be well. We shall sail through (practising mindfulness) -

4. Ran a glorious (albeit the slowest) half-marathon, stopping to help in the capacity of a doctor. A sense of pride and also the inevitable responsibility -

5. I've found the perfect house to move to next - creamy white wall with laurel green window frames, stripped down wooden floor, looking over a cosy rose garden. Plus rugs! Plus a direct bus to Cafe Oto! I cannot really ask for more (in London)

6. Still need to go to: RA Summer Exhibition, the Monks House and one day, Atelier Cézanne; finish the Edward St Aubyn's novels (toxic yet thrilling, read in conjunction with his brilliant New Yorker profile)


5 commentaires:

WSAKE a dit…

what a glorious summer... i´d like to move right in with you:)

enjoy those wonderful days!

The Lost Girl a dit…

Midsummer is always my favourite time of the year, sounds like yours has been wonderful! The house sounds amazing good luck with the move x ps thanks for the insta follow!

Paprika a dit…

I love the style of your blog, congrats on the half marathon!! I am also hoping to see the RA summer show, fingers crossed I will be there tomorrow!xx

maomao a dit…

<3 all beautiful, makes me really miss summers with you, actually, it's still not too late to make this happen. xxx

Sally a dit…

I love your posts. The descriptions remind me Colette's "Earthly Paradise" a bit. Ethereal and romantic but never over the top.

Congrats on the half! I have my first in a couple weeks...