samedi 6 septembre 2014

The armchair wanderer

from instagram * richardgaston

....merely to be with the mountain as one visits a friend, with no intention but to be with him.
- Nan Shepherd

In spite of the avalanche of working life I've been reading and dreaming and planning ferociously - the next adventure is in sight, my wanderlust lurking and brewing and about to overflow. It's time to get away. It's time to get away.

The triggers - 

Eulogy to Peter Matthiessen, the founder of the Paris Review / Reading the Living Mountain by Nan Shepherd - Robert MacFarlane's hymn to the wonderful book / Oh the Adventure Handbook - instagram has never been so inspiring / Natalie Smith on Morocco / how does that quote go? - "I don't like it when summer leaves but I like the way it walks away."


2 commentaires:

hannah-rose a dit…

mmmm where are you going?? I wanna go on an adventure too.

In terms of instagram inspiration, I love Kevin Russ too. Makes me want to go to the wide open American plains.

Jackie a dit…

Love your opening quote.

What do you have in mind as far as traveling?

Always makes my day when you post! Thanks :)