samedi 5 mars 2011



A valentine's day present from krisatomic. Thanks hun (:

A pair of cat print satin heels from miu miu would be too decadent and too delicate to be worn; but a beautiful watercolour print of it is just right. It sits quietly by the corner surrounded by real shoes - real shoes wear and tear and eventually perish, these miu miu heels would be immortal.

6 commentaires:

Stephanie a dit…

It's the perfect centrepiece for a shoe shrine. Long may it live!

lin a dit…

lovely. i like the frame too.

hannah-rose a dit…

this is very cute.. i still love the heels from that season so much! especially the swallow print ones..


miss sophie a dit…

this is such a wonderful gift and illustration! immortal is right :)

I am your lung a dit…

I've just recently discovered your blog by randomly browsing through the blogosphere. I can't believe I haven't got you under my radar already!
As for the print, if only I had any drawing skills so I could make these little prints myself.

asha a dit…

This is a really cute gift. I have to say though, I like the drawing more than I like the actual shoes :)