lundi 7 mars 2011

*Vintage Chanel button ring Giveaway!

This lovely ring was bought from etsy a year ago; it is made with a vintage Chanel button (look at the gold CC logo! mmm) with an adjustable ring attached. I haven't been wearing it for a while (since I only wear either a tiny gold ring or my grandmother's ring now) and everything I catch a glance of it on the mantle, I feel that it deserves an owner who would wear it much more often!

To enter the giveaway, please follow me on bloglovin' and/or like the post on bloglovin' and leave a comment below by 14 March (next monday). International readers are welcome too! Bonne chance :)


11 commentaires:

I am your lung a dit…

The first time I'm actually entering a giveaway.
Too bad you haven't worn it more frequently, from what I can see the ring looks quite nice.

Pralinka a dit…

I hope I'll have a good luck because I love it!

my email is:

BB a dit…

Ahhhh this is beautiful! Love the blog too

cecile.dupon a dit…

this is so cute and I love its vintage spirit

Rikke a dit…

Too cute! This would definietly make my hand a whole lot prettier :)

MK a dit…

Sooo pretty! I adore it! I would give it a life that involves lots of wearing and admiration!


mkatewalker (at) gmail (dot) com

Anonyme a dit…

Ok, so I started to use bloglovin for this ring :) But you were on my delicious anyways. plus it would look so good with my (fake) fur west which I have to wear in March. Its Berlin...Im desperate for luxury.


tborbala (at) hotmail (dot) com

Emelie a dit…

Aah adore!


Katiecakes a dit…

How Stunning!

I like you on Blogovin :)

Katie xox

*To Wanderlust* a dit…

Is this still open giveaway? If not I'll buy the ring xx

*To Wanderlust* a dit…

Is the giveaway still open? If not I'll buy the ring.