vendredi 27 mai 2011

Closing in

A sweet close to the end; the bottle of Sofia is well worth the wait. Strangely enough finishing this academic year does not feel euphoric, jubilant - I feel happy but thoroughly exhausted. But this year out of medicine has allowed me to learn a lot of more than I ever have (studying philosophy, learning french, volunteering, blogging), and I am truly grateful of everything and everyone (yes, every of you too who is here now on the blogosphere!) that I have met.

We celebrated the end of exams by dining at the Wright Brothers. Hun, congratulations on finishing your Bachelor of Arts degree again (and secretly congratulating myself for having gone half way) - and of course: Mardi prochain, nous allons voyager à Paris!


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Sonya Harris a dit…

Congratulations. I know the exact feeling! X

lin a dit…

I know that feeling, when I finished my final year project and presentation and finished a French paper I was sure I was going to flunk, I couldn't enjoy the fact that I was done with everything at all.

The Wright Brothers sounds so good, I must try. Did you go to the Soho one or the one in London Borough Mkt?

Can't wait for hear all about your trip to Paris!

Maria a dit…

et bon voyage :)

i love this photo!


Fen and Ned a dit…

{glad to find your tumblr & blog via le dans la}
Have a lovely weekend!
Sarah xx

Claire * Lola Is Beauty a dit…

Congratulations! I love Wright Brothers too, it's been too long since I ate there. (And where on earth did you get your hands on the Sofia Blanc des Blancs in London?)

K. a dit…

Thanks to you all! I am really glad that the academic year has ended on a rather high note:)

Claire: I actually brought Sofia Blanc de Blanc back from NYC (at Soho Wines and Spirits), and resisted the idea of popping it until now. It was pretty, pretty good.

Claire * Lola Is Beauty a dit…

Thank you!