dimanche 22 mai 2011

Shop Little Lime

(Can anyone tell me where this image is from?)

It is the annual clear out time on ebay again - a time to be out with the old and in with the new. Do take a look! If you fancy anything leave me a message here and I would give you a discount ;)


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Marguerite a dit…

what a great blog you have! I came across it last week and read every single post - just lovely :)

Kate a dit…

hi. i really love your blogs. all the photos you took are beautiful! :)
i love that Chloe pouch! but i live in Hong Kong. i wonder if i can buy it too? i'm sorry i may sound stupid but i don't really have any idea how ebay works. :P thanks a lot!

K. a dit…

Marguerite: Thank you so much - that means a lot to me! I wish I know Dutch so that I can read yours too!

Kate: It's amazing to know that you are from Hong Kong too; I really enjoy your blogs, esp. your personal one! You just finished AL? If you want the pouch we can trade in Hong Kong when I come back in mid-June? What do you say?


Kate a dit…

yes i just finished AL and now i have nothing to do. haha. that's great!!!!! thank you so much! :)

hannah-rose a dit…

hey - you're going to be in HK in mid june? (sorry I'm a comment stalker haha). I'll be there in mid june too! bearing the heat and all that haha. and then off to paris - can't say how excited i am! I'm visiting family and everything but if you're going to be around from june 26 and on, I'd love to meet up!


Hillary a dit…

Love the APC choices! I'll definitely be check this out!


Lindsay K a dit…

Love every item in the photo and LOVE your blog.

a lovely being a dit…

hi! I think we are soulmates - I just found your blog and I am in love. can't stop myself from tumbling your pictures (with credit, bien sur!). I'd love to email you but I can't find your address! anyway, keep up the wonderful work. you have a brilliant eye.
x fallon

K. a dit…

Thanks everyone!

a lovely being: It's so lovely to hear this from you - I really adore your blog too. You can now email me at misslittlelime@gmail.com; look forward to hearing from you (and I shall give you a long reply after my exam finishes, which is tomorrow!!) x