samedi 21 mai 2011




Les chaussures bleues. Have never been so bold before but I am loving the colour, an electrifying blue.


Watched La danse - Le ballet de l'Opéra de Paris which was very long but nonetheless exquisite. With no narration or interviews, I found those long shots of dancers rehearsing and performing mesmerising and strangely comforting. To be able to glimpse and gaze at the creative process behind the magnificent performances at Opera Garnier and Bastille is such a rare treat - I wouldn't agree with the Guardian who said that this film is a merely an elegant CCTV footage!

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SY a dit…

Gorgeous shoes! Sometimes narrative can make a video like this messy so this is great in a real-time, minimalist way. Take care xx

I am your lung a dit…

I was just wondering if you think flats are worth the expense?
I'm still debating over a simple pair of black flats. They cost €100 and I don't know if I should 'invest' in them or not, they are after all still flats.
Repetto is quite expensive too, no? I love that you bought it in a shade that's not too common.

Anonyme a dit…

amazing shoes, i love the color!

K. a dit…

SY and alexandra: Thanks! I am going to wear them to somewhere special tonight, ho ho.

I am your lung: I would say the answer is yes and no - it really depends on the construction of the shoes and how much you will be wearing them! While I would invest in some Ferragamos (which are nicely built, versatile and will last for ages) I would not buy expensive flats which will definitely perish within a few months of regular wear. I got these on sale so they weren't too pricey, also they are not of traditional ballerina construction so I hope they will endure at least for a good while...


"this fashion lark." a dit…

The photographs on your blog are so beautiful, I am definitely your newest follower x

lin a dit…

I like the sound of that film - I'm definitely going to try to catch a ballet when I'm in Paris in October, haven't seen something available yet though. The colour of those flats are lovely.

hannah-rose a dit…

eeee i just got some repettos as well for a steal - my first foray into the repetto brand. I love the packaging, and I LOVE the way they feel on my feet. luxury and gorgeousness and extravagance (lucky I got them on sale, otherwise I might be a little worried about all that haha).