mercredi 4 mai 2011



All university works are handed in; now revision can finally start! Will be finishing exams on the 26th - and we are going to pop open that bottle of Sofia Blanc de Blancs, then head for a short trip.

The carefully planned Woolf collection (I am very picky about book covers)//Lunch with sandwich and Pimm's lemonade//Regent Street prior to the Wedding//English strawberries//what is in my bag

I am going to use the ruled le petit prince moleskine as a weekly planner, like this.

So adieu readers old and new, see you soonish - hopefully later this month!


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Addy a dit…

glad to hear someone else exists who is picky with covers! the ones you have chosen are beautiful! i love your collection of woolf quotes throughout your posts. i have just finished reading "a room of one's own" in my high school english class and found it very interesting. thanks for such an inspiring blog!

The Velvet Bow a dit…

Ahh your blog is so amazing. Every single photo has me swooning. You certainly have an eye for the sublime!