mardi 15 février 2011

breaking the morning fast

*by Jennifer Causey at Simply Breakfast.

A certain morning routine is certainly good for the morale. Now that spring is slowly approaching but is nowhere to be seen (when all you do is jumping up from your bed and opening your blinds early morning only to welcome yet another day covered with a blanket of cloud) it is important to have a good breakfast/things-to-do in the morning. I wish my morning routines are as beautiful as Jennifer's but now they mostly consist of filling up the bowl with crunchy nut cereals, turning on the kettle for tea (and forgetting to make the tea at the end! Garrr) and catching up on the news/blogs/happenings - then I rush to the library, sit there for hours facing a blank page on the word processor. Often the thoughts are buzzing in my head but all I have in front of me is the silence - because of the lack of coherent utterance, failure to materialise my thoughts.

This really has to stop.

The only distraction only comes from within ourrselves.

Now I need to depend on cooking good, slow dinners at night and writing on Ommwriter.

2 commentaires:

SY a dit…

Oh yum! I think it's a problem we both share, my usual breakfast is a mug of black coffee and marmite on toast. Sad but true.

On some weekends though I go all the way with scrambled eggs with bacon/smoked salmon, or if I'm feeling adventurous, a fry up. Hmm... come to think about it, maybe this weekend shall be a bit special! ;)

lin a dit…

Gosh, eggs and spinach. Maybe this weekend...

When I worked from I made it a point to wake up early, run, read the paper, and have a proper breakfast. I needed the routine to have a sense of purpose.