samedi 26 février 2011


*Days with my Father by Phillip Toledano: the most poignant story about living with his Father in search of fragments of things past.

Every time I revisit this story it gives me the strength to carry on. Lately, my granduncle passed away last week back home, work hasn't been going so well and I just had the most horrible bout of food poisoning that left me feeling violently ill. Nevertheless, no matter how disastrous things seem, the only thing we can control is our own strength, faith and perspective. My granduncle is one of the most gentle and bohemian spirits I have ever known - and he would probably have given me a big squeeze on the shoulder and quietly passed me the sweetest strawberries from his little food store to freshen me up from this rather awful state.

I wish all things are well up there, and you are enjoying all the richness that the world above has to offer.


5 commentaires:

Fleurette a dit…

I'm very sorry to hear.
You write beautifully. Hope the strength will remain with you!

lin a dit…

I was very moved by Days with my Father, thanks for sharing it. Wishing you what it takes to get through this period!

SY a dit…

So sorry to hear that my dear... it's painful losing a loved one who has been in your life for such a long time. Hopefully you are doing better now, take care and I'll keep you in my thoughts xx

Anonyme a dit…

hey dearest, pls be OK! big bear hug for you :D when things seem to go wrong - there's only one way they can turn toward - to the better. love ya always.

miss sophie a dit…

i'm so sorry for your loss. i lost my grandmother a year ago. my mother gave me some old photos of my grandmother in an envelope last summer when i went home, and i'm working on a way to commemorate her through those photos and memories.