mardi 1 février 2011

An Ideal Dwelling

*sources: Freunde von Freunden

My idea of the dream house - it will be flooded with light and small plants and jazz music and bird songs and aroma of fresh cut flowers. There will be books, old and new, all scattered around the place. My parents will come for tea on weekends and we will walk around the market; then we will prepare a full-blown dinner for family friends. I will cook, and my boyfriend will pick the wine.

But location of the house? Yet to be known.

3 commentaires:

lin a dit…

I tend to fall in love with the light in a place before anything else. Perfect light isn't always available, but poor light will always be a no-no.

Your guests in your dream home will be a fortunate bunch. Happy new year to you too!

hannah-rose a dit…

that last picture is from a site called freunde von freunden, which a german friend kindly informed me was 'friends of friends', it's really cool, like a german selby, and all the apartments are so fantastic.


K. a dit…

Thank you Hannah-Rose!
The houses on freunde von freunden are more poised, sleek and practical than the explosively creative ones on selby. I like both!

x x x