lundi 11 avril 2011

Ces bottes sont faites pour marcher

After wandering in markets and picnicking under the glorious spring sun, finishing two rather heavy books (in order to combat my very last philosophy essay of the year) and spilling vintage apple cider on my macbook and panicked (macbook is fine but a few keys became sticky, eek!) lately, I am back to contemplating about shoes.

In the past month, I have been trying to hunt down a good pair of suede ankle bottines, hoping that it will add to my wardrobe staples (which are actually, already filled with timeless staples in the safest shades). But when I tried on a pair at APC in New York, they just didn't look right - or rather, they are lovely, but they really don't go well with me. (It could be due to my height, could be due to the cut, how it allows space for the ankle to move around during walking cycle, how it alters my gait. This I shall never elucidate)

Another garment that suffers the similar fate for me is a blazer. I've seen many really well-cut, beautiful blazers, and many girls looking rather superbly stylish in a blazer. But whenever I try on one, it just feels so wrong, so wrong that I don't feel like being myself momentarily unless I ditch it and switch back to my faithful cardigans.

So now, I am back into searching for the androgynous, playful oxfords to be worn through winter to spring and ha, they are really the boots made for walking, let it be cobblestone paths, mosaic grounds or English countryside.

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L.L. a dit…

What a coincidence! I just started writing a post about the difficulties finding the right everyday shoe. I think well made oxfords are incredibly difficult to find under $200.

lin a dit…

I have a pair of shoes from Clarks that is a perfect blend between Oxfords and a jazz shoe, as a proper Oxford doesn't suit me - and Clarks, when they don't look dowdy as hell, are amazingly comfortable and well-made. I get a lot of wear out of mine and don't take particular care of them and they still look fresh after three years of wear. Good stuff.

I'm more of a cardigan girl too; sometimes I think it's the weather holding me back but I feel more myself in a cardigan.

hannah-rose a dit…

I wish brogues looked good on me!! sad times. I have a very chic friend who wears them with everything - and she wears a lot of mens clothes too. she looks so amazing at all times. oohh if only! good luck on your search!


SY a dit…

Ooo shoes! I remember that pair we saw last Saturday, but I'm more of a boot person. I think brogues will look great on you though. They'll be suitable for next year when we have to be on our feet all day ;)

P.S. I remember the site where I get my boots having a nice pair of oxfords, if they are still there I'll send you the link xx

K. a dit…

I have finally got the shoes in the picture! :D They are so incredibly comfortable (and I like the way they are a more quirky and feminine interpretation of the traditional brogues), I cannot take them off.


Twobreadsplease a dit…

those brogues are lovely, so good that you got them! well done for resisting the apc shoes because they didn't suit you too, sometimes i get too wrapped up in how much i love clothing as an item rather than how it looks x