mardi 5 avril 2011


Metropolitan Museum of Art: the archive of every possible art form

Guggenheim Museum: constant flux of people and modern art, with an impressive collection of Kandinsky (they said no pictures inside and were very strict about it, having guards standing all over the place - God knows how I managed to actually take out my film slr and shot!)

moMA: for my beloved Matisse.

Unphotographable - Whitney Museum: for Edward Hopper and paintings of empty diners, à la My Heart is a Lonely Hunter.

Missed - Jewish Museum: for a major exhibition of Maira Kalman, my favourite illustratrice.

3 commentaires:

Madelene a dit…

My boyfriend told me he found Guggenheim too messy, but it looks nice. I would love to see the Costume Institute someday.

lin a dit…

Wow, the museums in New York. I have to get there some day!

Alexandra a dit…

Oh how I dream of one day visiting the moMA!