mercredi 27 avril 2011

Coming up

Now many a great hour is spent between burying my head into Virginia Woolf's selected diaries and banging my head against the laptop screen featuring the dreaded dissertation - but very soon I will be writing a little paris guide for you and also for my own future reference too.

Until then. x

*Image by Imke Lee (her flickr photostream and blog!), text by me.

5 commentaires:

Fleurette a dit…

Can't wait! I'll sporadically post my little guides as well!!
Btw, hope you don't find my questions about your photos too creepy. I think they are just lovely!

K. a dit…

fleurette: No worries - I am really flattered that you like them! Really there are no secrets, just a good camera and a lot of natural light will do! I barely PS my photos (except for tweaking the lightness and saturation) - a bit of a purist in this aspect :o)

SY a dit…

Looking forward to the Paris guide... must visit before flying home for summer!

Dissertation and essays are just killing me (guess why I'm still up at this hour and don't feel sleepy at all)... I wish I could just throw it out of the window but that'll be 3-4 months of work wasted :S

lin a dit…

Lovely...I look forward to your guide!

miss sophie a dit…

ooh this is very enticing - can't wait to see your paris guide :)

good luck with the dissertation (doctoral?) in the meantime!