dimanche 24 avril 2011


If there were no eternal consciousness in a man, if at the bottom of everything there were only a wild ferment, a power that twisting in dark passions produced everything great or inconsequential; if an unfathomable, insatiable emptiness lay hid beneath everything, what would life be but despair?
- Søren Kierkegaard

I hope today will be a great day for fulfilment, reflection and celebration for you too; for life is no longer a futile, bottomless void.

Happy Easter!


2 commentaires:

hannah-rose a dit…

happy easter to you as well.. the period always makes me want to watch the juliette binoche film chocolat. "let this be for us, too, a rebirth".


SY a dit…

Happy Easter to you too my dear! Am so happy you were there for the vigil and we could celebrate my first proper Easter :D